Rickets in Children

May 1, 2017 TipsOf Health 0

Children with rickets due to vitamin D deficiency, which affect the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus (are essential for the development of the bones). This disease is common in children under 3 years [.READ.]

The Cause of Cirrhosis

April 29, 2017 TipsOf Health 0

Alcoholic cirrhosis: Alcohol is a very high alcohol and other toxins, in which, if pure alcohol is not taking as much and long time, it is very easily lead to cirrhosis. Alcohol is one of [.READ.]

Tooth decay in children

April 29, 2017 TipsOf Health 0

According to research by experts, the number of children with milk tooth decay being increased. In the developing countries, the number of children with tooth decay accounting for about 50%, while in developed countries is [.READ.]

How to lose weight safely?

April 24, 2017 TipsOf Health 0

Nowadays the weight loss market is at boom condition by providing shakes, snacks and pills for fast weight loss and also it overflows with diet. Once people desired to lose weight then they forgot about [.READ.]