Rickets in Children

May 1, 2017 TipsOf Health 0

Children with rickets due to vitamin D deficiency, which affect the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus (are essential for the development of the bones). This disease is common in children under 3 years [.READ.]

The Cause of Cirrhosis

April 29, 2017 TipsOf Health 0

Alcoholic cirrhosis: Alcohol is a very high alcohol and other toxins, in which, if pure alcohol is not taking as much and long time, it is very easily lead to cirrhosis. Alcohol is one of [.READ.]

Tooth decay in children

April 29, 2017 TipsOf Health 0

According to research by experts, the number of children with milk tooth decay being increased. In the developing countries, the number of children with tooth decay accounting for about 50%, while in developed countries is [.READ.]

Food Poisoning

February 21, 2017 TipsOf Health 0

Some Things to Know About Food Poisoning After eating or drinking contaminated food, the patient suddenly have symptoms: nausea and vomiting immediately, sometimes even bloody vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea several times (of water, can bloody) [.READ.]